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I'm using a freshly installed Lazarus IDE on an out-of-the-box Win10 system. I've added the Online Package Manager, and used it to install wst_design V0.8 - so far so good.

Attempting to install the package gives me the message:

The package "wst_design 0.8" was marked for installation.
Currently Lazarus only supports static linked packages. The real installation needs rebuilding and restarting of Lazarus.

Do you want to rebuild Lazarus now?

[Yes] [No]

I choose yes and Lazarus happily rebuilds - but when I restart, the package isn't installed, and I'm right back at the rebuild dialog when I try to install it.

Is there anything obviously stupid I'm doing/not doing?




Clean Win10 64bit, all updates installed.

Lazarus 1.84 (Date 2018-05-19)
FPC Version: 3.0.4
SVN Version: 57972

Online Package Manger added.

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How/Where did you install Lazarus.

If you installed as admin, do you have write permission to the folder?
If not, do you use "startlazarus" to start the IDE? (You should).

In the installation folder you can check the date of "lazarus.exe".
Also if there is a ""

If you do not have write access, the new lazarus should be in your user folder (Menu: View > Ide internals > About IDE > look for primary config path.


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Or you just install Lazarus/FPC in c:\Lazarus (Not in Program Files) and avoid the crap with UAC.....
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