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Hi, to all

I'm proud to share with you my component TGIFViewer

TGIFViewer is a visual component for displaying animations at GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) with Free Pascal and Lazarus

Compatibility: Windows, Linux and MacOS

Capabilities of TGIFViewer:

* Loading from a stream, file, or resource (LoadFromStream, LoadFromFile, LoadFromResource functions)
* Extraction of raw images (** DisplayRawFrame function)
* Extraction of pre-calculated images from the animation (DisplayFrame function)
* Display with or without transparency (Transparent)
* Silent management of some badly encoded data to allow the display of images without disturbing the user
* Error handling for poorly compressed files '(OnLoadError)
* Center (Center), Resize (Stretch) the display
* Dimension of the automatic component according to the image (AutoSize)
* Evident when playing, stopping or pausing the animation (OnStart, OnPause, OnStop)
* Access to GIF images and information via the Frames.Items property[x]
Also contains 2 units:

* uFastBitmap: Class for handling 32-bit bitmap in RGBA or BGRA format depending on the OS
* TypesHelpers: Classes that add useful functions to the data type (Byte, integer, string, double, TDateTime ...) functions can be accessed directly through the completion of the code under Lazarus.
You can download GIF-ImageTestSuite : for testing with several differently encoded GIFs


* In Lazarus go to the 'Package' menu and select 'Open a package file (' .lpk ')
* Select gifviewer_pkg.lpk from the Package folder
* Click on the 'Compile' button
* Click on the 'Use' button and then 'Install'
The TGIFViewer component will be installed in the Beanz Extra section

The GifView demo application of the Demos folder does not require the installation of the component in the IDE to work.

License: MPL
© ️ 2018 J.Delauney (BeanzMaster)

Download from Github :

French topic here :

Best regards

Some demonstrating videos

Test under Windows 10 :

Test under Linux           :

Test under MacOS         :

I have added few issues in Github, pls see.

Hi, Thanks Alextp for feed back. I answered to the issues ;)

I've just updated code. I've corrected some minors bugs from french user's feed back

Hi BeanzMaster,

When the component is stable enough let me know so I can add it to OPM.

PS: I ran a few test and works fine.


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