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EXE size
« on: August 19, 2007, 07:30:25 pm »
Last time I used Lazarus I seem to remember stumbling across a forum posting that suggested recompiling the LCL and runtime libraries with certain switches to make smart linking give smaller file sizes. I can't find it now. Can anyone tell me what switches to use and which modules I should recompile?

I won't start the perennial argument by saying that the libraries should be compiled by default like that (if only to stop the complaints about EXE size.) In Delphi the debug versions of the VCL are in a separate folder you have to change a path veriable to use.

Seems to me it would be possible to have two copies of the LCL / runtimes and just rename directories when you want to build a release version of something. Being lazy, I hate reinventing wheels, so has anyone done that or come up with a better way?


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Re: EXE size
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