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WinCE5/6 widgetset broken on Lazarus 1.8.4 ?


I have used for years application for handheld scaners MC9090/9190 with Lazarus 1.4.4
(OS: WinCE 5/6.0; CPU: arm)
Now when I recompiled application and run it on same device application opens first form. But attempt open next form (click on button and call Form2.Show/ShowModal) causes application cycling and after some period of time windows ends application.

I can reproduce this behavior also with very simple application, with only 2 forms.
Is it some kind of known bug or what is going to happen?

EDIT: seems, that others also encountered this see:

Patches are in bug reports:


AFAIK this is issue of fpc 3.

I'm trying to use fpc 3 for WinCE for years, but no luck - fpc 2.6.4 still do the job perfectly.

IIRC fpc 3 works fine at least with the KOLCE widgetset/platform and wince 6/7.

IMO problems was in LCL not in FPC 3.x.
Now patches to WinCE interface was applied and merged into Lazarus 2.0 branch. So they will be available either in TRUNK or 2.0 RC2


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