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iOS UIKit framework coming to macOS in 2019

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More information here:

And even more information here, although still kind of non-technical and sketchy:

It's like Google with his Android apps on his chromebooks?

I know is not just plug and play, and requires a porting, but looks a bit like that. Seems that good ideas are used even in different companies.


--- Quote from: lainz on June 06, 2018, 12:52:32 am ---It's like Google with his Android apps on his chromebooks?

--- End quote ---

I don't know. I supposed installing the beta of Mojave would be one way of finding out what's there. As I understand it, there's a new system folder with iOS support frameworks like UIKit. Actually, UIKit has always been available on Mac for developers since it's used to test iOS apps in the Xcode Simulator (for example, if you don't have a particular iOS device to test). But the UIKit included with the Xcode SDK is just the _iOS_ UIKit compiled for x64. I would imagine we're talking here an enhanced UIKit for both iOS and macOS that can accommodate the UI and platform differences between them.


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