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Questions and missing examples.


1) The L:azarus FPVECTORIAL WIKI refers to examples and provides a link
The link where the examples are supposed to be for
FPVECTORIAL is quoting from the mentioned wiki as;
More examples
Please see in the FPC repository:

Unfortunately the link is dead. Where are the examples to be found now ?

2) Is there a freepascal  bitmap reader similar to FPVECTORIAL available ?
I am not sure if I would be able to detect drawing line edges in a DXF file using FPVECTORIAL as I never did it before. A bitmap should be way easier for a 2-dim object.

What I want to do.

I am sick and tired using tools like PYCAM which opens 20 parallel processes, uses all my memory and takes 30 minutes to output gcode for a simple 2-dim object. What a ball of junk code. In fact anything Python I encountered the last two years were either malicious or hogged my memory. Probably more to the name than meets the eye. Constrictor would be more apt.

I need to write my own DXF to Gcode converter to get rid of the enormous waste of resources.


FPVectorial has been moved into the Lazarus project several years ago. You can find the current files in folder components/fpvectorial of your Lazarus installation. It also contains a lot of examples.

I updated the wiki.

A general bitmap viewer can be created easily using the standard LCL component TImage. You can find a demo in the folder examples/imgviewer of your Lazarus installation.

As for DXF, I see that there is only a reader unit - this means that you can read DXF, but not write it. I don't know how well DXF is supported by fpvectorial. Your comments would be welcome, patches even more!


--- Quote from: dryzone on June 01, 2018, 12:58:57 am ---I need to write my own DXF to Gcode converter to get rid of the enormous waste of resources.

--- End quote ---

Maybe you can try and see how ZCAD handling DXF files. It can open DXF files, it is written using Lazarus. Because (as far as I know) it currently developed only by 1 person, it does not have too many features compare to LibreCAD. But the developer is open to any feature requests, I suggested some and he really added those features.,16665

Try ZCAD, You will just add the export command to your format. In this case, you will already have a small set of editing tools


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