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Re: Pascal at your Country
« Reply #30 on: May 17, 2018, 03:58:25 pm »
I'm really sorry to learn of that. I have a friend that also has Lyme disease. I really hope you can get the medical relief you need.
If you or your family members ever get bitten by a tick, go to your GP immediately. Don't ignore it because you are a "man" and ignore any visible large round blue and purple circles around an insect bite.
In Western Europe ticks are an increasing problem and can do serious harm to your nervous system and to your bones.
Explain to the GP there need not be visible anti-bodies - some of them still don't know. That's old school. Lyme can hide in soft and vainless (bloodless) tissue and can go undetected for years. In my case it was only found in a university hospital (AMC), not based on blood tests but by other means ( a needle is still involved)
I was just bloody stubborn....But treatment goes very well, although there is some irreparable damage. No real brain damage (which could also have been the case!!) , some nerve damage and knee problems.
I hope moderators leave this warning in! Almost summer.
I hope your friend will be OK.

Thanks for the info and the advice. Much appreciated.

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Re: Pascal at your Country
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I was just bloody stubborn....

I don't know if anyone has seen this documentary, but it's interesting in at least a couple ways: Hanna's place in pop music history, but also in showing the aftermath of her long struggle with late-stage Lyme disease, which had gone undiagnosed for years: