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Offscreen Canvas problem
« on: May 20, 2018, 03:00:18 pm »
Hi all, I am working on an application written in Lazarus 1.8.2, on Windows platform. I use an IPHTMLPanel where I display an html file that is being generated automatically in runtime and then, since I want to print what is displayed, I copy the IPHTMLPanel's Canvas to a bmp and then on the printer canvas and finally I print it.
The problem is that what is printed is always what is displayed on the screen.
I mean, that if the generated HTML file that is displayed on the IPHTMLPanel exceeds the boundaries of the application form, then the visible part is printed and the other part that is outside the screen is black.
If I use a larger screen and maximize the form then things get better.
How can I overcome this problem and make it not depending of what is visible but also print the non visible part of the canvas ? Please note that I use Copyrect to copy the contents from the IPHTMLPanel on a bitmap and then StretchDraw to display the bitmap on the printer's canvas.
Thank you !
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