Author Topic: Campaign for sponsoring the solving some extra tickets  (Read 3346 times)


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Campaign for sponsoring the solving some extra tickets
« on: May 11, 2018, 01:19:44 pm »
I am thinking of alternatives to stimulate the solution of some of the 1616 opened tickets with no one designated to solve them.
The idea is that each batch is from a single area, for example reports or charts.

I am thinking of some kind of bounty batch:

If I started a campaign of 10 tickets for 100 dollars.
Would you agree to pay US$ 100 for the resolution of 10 tickets?
Or would you accept the task of resolving those 10 tickets in exchange for US$ 100 as payment?

If 100 dollars is little, what other value would be reasonable?
If my idea is too stupid, would you have any other suggestions for sponsoring?


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Re: Campaign for sponsoring the solving some extra tickets
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2018, 03:08:22 am »
The best thing that could happen to Lazarus will be being chosen by a Tool like Intraweb as an IDE.
In Brazil,DElphi is heavily used by the ERP industry.
TOTVS,Mega Sistemas,and at least another 20 companies have sucessfull ERPS written on it,and theyŕe all looking
for an architecture to go ahead,and embrace the WEB.
Bradesco uses DElphi to interface the mainframe with PCS in the credit card operation.
Imagine if just the companies that Have millions invested in DElphi gave u$ 100 dollars a month to sponsor FreePascal and Lazarus?
I think the market fail to realize that FPC today is a much more clean language the EMBT one,specially under Linux,and that things are not even better because lack of money.
Unfortunatelly,here in Brazil we DElphi programmers are struggling to survive.
If you know about a company that uses DElphi,leave its name on this thread,maybe people open its eyes.



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