Author Topic: How do I move my Lazarus installation from one computer to a new computer?  (Read 2723 times)


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I am a serious neqwby and need some assitance.

 I have win 10 and running laz 1.8.2 win 64

I had installed lazarus on my D:\Programs\Lazarus drive where windows is running on my ssd c drive.

All was working fine, then I got a new laptop.

I moved the same D drive to the new laptop and I made a copy of the programs/lazarus folder prior to installing lazarus 1.8.2 onto the new laptop.

I tried just re-installing lararus and then copying the old program file back into the d:\Programs\lazarus

However a lot of my lasarus settings and components seems to not be so happy in the new computer and are missing etc?

Any suggestions..


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However a lot of my lasarus settings and components seems to not be so happy in the new computer and are missing etc?

Lazarus has a completely separate folder for user specific settings.  On my win 7 machine this is located in:


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Thanx will have a look.

So steps would be :

1 install Lazarus
2 Copy program file back into programs folder and
3 Copy settings back in

Lets try an see what breaks this time  LOL


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Nope still remains a mess...Packages did not install etc..

Will need to do this one package at a time it looks like


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Normally i look in the old Lazarus in menu->Packages->Package-Links for the needed and known packages. The paclkages itselft, i get with the OPM (Online Packagemanager). So if i forget some package it is installed in minutes on the new computer.

Dealing around with path is not a good idea.

For a fresh PC i do the following:

a) make special dirs like basedrive:/data/lazdev/stable_stable and /data/lazdev/fpcupdeluxe
b) load down lazfpcupdeluxe and move it to /data/lazdev/fpcupdeluxe
c) start fpcupdeluxe und install stable fpc and stable Laz into /data/lazdev/stable_stable
d) Start the new Lazarus and activate OPM (if not installed)
e) Install all needed packages with OPM
f) Get happy with Lazarus

with this i can also install a fpc trunk / lazarus trunk version on the same pc in the dir  /data/lazdev/trunk_trunk. SO i can have a lot of different installation without troubles. All fpc/laz/packages are in seperated areas. No problem with changes or stable/trunk mixes.