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Polish chars in Lazarus

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I have problem with Polish chars in my Lazarus Project. I can not write this text(it is an example):

--- Code: ---
Label1.caption:='Ja chcę coś zjeść'; // it means 'I want to eat something'

--- End code ---

When I try to write a letter "ć" or "ś" -  I see a dialogbox with message : "CallStack".

What I have to do to?

Ps: In Menu Environmental Options/Desktop in Language Field I have chosen Polish, but it only makes my IDE of Lazarus in polish - but i still can not write polish chars...
In Delphi, to write polish chars i had to add registry value : "NoCtrlAltKeys" on 1.

I assume you have installed a polish keyboard and set your LANG enviroment var to something polish.

What keycombination do you use to get the "ć" or "ś" ? (and what version of lazarus do you use)

Hmm... Normaly, to get the "ć" character you must press Alt+"c", but it doesn't work in Lazarus. Moreover, you cannot paste anything with polish characters into Lazarus, what helped with Delphi, when NoCtrlAltKeys didn't work (You can write something in polish using notepad, and use Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to copy it into Delphi. Unfortunetly it doesn't work in Lazarus...

with the latest binary of lazarus and left ALT key it works fine so ...

Sory I mean right ALT key  :oops:  


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