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Lazarus and apk creation if target is set to OS: android, CPU: jvm,


Dear specialists,
I Am helpless to find The automated tool, which is able to create .apk package if Android target and JVM have been used. I Am using latest version of Lazarus, not Laz4Android. I have tried The cheetah-ide-0.3. I have tried to compile sample projects inside this prefect project, but I have got many .class files. But no .dex or .apk. There are .bat files included but it do not work, do not create .apk file. I have been verysad, because I would be finally able to program in Pascal with no need to use form designer, which is not accessible. Does somebody of you know, how to create .apk packages by using cheetah-ide-0.3?

Project pandroid :


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