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High precision timing

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Don't propose EpikTimer, I've already checked it and it's really obtuse to use for what I want it to use.

I need something like TTimer, but one that can execute stuff faster than 1000 times per second, at least 1500000 times per second, with a convenient OnTimer interface. Why? I'm building an emulator so the precise timing is kinda important.

That's impossible as far as I know. Even the hardware PIT on intel CPUs is around 1.2Mhz which is lower than your current requirements, I doubt you will find anything less than 10ms (aka 100hz) interval. You probably should change your requirements from executing 1.5 millions time a second, to swap the execution 100 times a second.

How will I emulate properly a 1.5MHz system properly then?

On Windows you can go somewhat more accurate (to 1ms) than TTimer with timeSetEvent() (it's defined in mmsystem).

You also might whip up your own timer in a thread using QueryPerformanceFrequency and QueryPerformanceCounter. Although I'm not sure how accurate you can go (could depend on the cpu) and how cpu-intensive that will be.


--- Quote from: Rave on March 10, 2018, 03:17:38 pm ---How will I emulate properly a 1.5MHz system properly then?

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Time sequences large than 1 instruction, and pause after them to make the timing work.

This will require to identify writes to memory mapped memory hardware (like keyboard/mouse/joystick handling and audio/video) and emulate them, but usually these are known for old systems


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