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Mips + Windows Embeded CE 6.0

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I have no idea about cross-compiling and how to use it under Lazarus/FPC. Just a straight and clear question: It's possible to compile under x64 + linux or windows an executable for Mips + Windows CE 6.0 ? Do you know any other way?


To the best of my knowledge, wince is only supported for arm and i386 and mips (mipsel) for linux, embedded and android. The host system is not relevant for this.

I found some info here: (wikipedia)

--- Quote ---"CE 6.0 is compatible with x86, ARM, SH4 (only up to R2)[7] and MIPS based processor architectures"

--- End quote ---

And this here:

--- Quote ---"Microsoft includes in Windows CE 6.0 a choice of four
possible CPU “architectures” that can be used to base
your computer hardware on."

Pages 23-24 and on.

--- End quote ---

Actually I want to make a small program for my Renault Clio IV "Media Nav Evolution" navigation and multimedia system. It's a Mips based board with Windows CE 6.0.

FPC's WinCE port only supports ARM and i386. For MIPS you'd need to add a new port...


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