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FP works in PuTTY SSH, FP fails in PuTTY SSH w/TMUX

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Ok, this is a bit convoluted, but bear with me.

I've got FP/Lazarus installed on a Raspi 3 under Raspbian "Stretch". I SSH into it from a Win7 machine, and can flip to HDMI to use the Pi desktop directly if I want, but it's a pain to juggle extra keyboards/mice. I have two SSH windows via PuTTY into the Pi. On one PuTTY window, I run "fp" and the Free Pascal IDE comes up, and works just fine. The other PuTTY window has TMUX running. Even if I only have one pane configured, running "fp" fails with the following message:

Runtime Error 106 at $000CA0A4

I've searched all over and can't find where the point of failure is. It COULD be in my TMUX configuration, and if anyone knows of a more specific place to look, I'd be thankful of the help.

I know the setup is silly, and I can forward Lazarus via SSH using Xming and it works fine. But I wanted to see if I could use the old interface, as I first started using Turbo Pascal in the CP/M days, and was nostalgic.

FP requires quite a lot from a terminal.  106 is a bit weird error though:

 106 Invalid numeric format
    Reported when a non-numeric value is read from a text file, and a numeric value was expected.

But without debugging the particular situation and build it will be hard. I don't know anybody using tmux with FP. (or tmux at all, which I assume is kind of a screen?)

I just tested and FP works with screen in a putty, so it must be some tmux incompatibility. Though I didn't test keybindings.

I have tested this locally on Ubuntu 17.10 x64 and it fails with same error under tmux. No ssh no nothing, just local terminal session.
I have also found an workaround: if you launch screen under works oO


I know it is late but I'm experiencing the same problem currently. I made some diagnostics but I don't know which file to edit in order to correct the issue.

First, running fp inside tmux causing the error message:

--- Code: ---Runtime error 106 at $00000000004D8C9D                                                                                                                 
--- End code ---

Then I ran it again with strace and noticed the few last lines:

--- Code: ---...
open("/proc/26480/stat", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = 3
read(3, "26480 (zsh) S 26474 26480 26480 "..., 256) = 256
close(3)                                = 0
open("/proc/26474/stat", O_RDONLY|O_LARGEFILE) = 3
read(3, "26474 (tmux: server) R 1 26474 2"..., 256) = 256
write(2, "Runtime error 106 at $0000000000"..., 39Runtime error 106 at $00000000004D8C9D                                                             
) = 39
write(2, "  $00000000004D8C9D\n", 20  $00000000004D8C9D
)   = 20
ioctl(2, TCGETS, {B38400 opost isig icanon echo ...}) = 0
write(2, "\n", 1                                                                                                                                     
)                       = 1
munmap(0x7f7c7e0ca000, 32768)           = 0
munmap(0x7f7c7e0c2000, 32768)           = 0
exit_group(106)                         = ?
+++ exited with 106 +++
--- End code ---

Output of the last two accessed stat files:

--- Code: ---$ cat /proc/26480/stat
26480 (zsh) S 26474 26480 26480 34818 15692 4194304 8878 118107 1 0 25 13 1368 132 20 0 1 0 4374590 24571904 2074 18446744073709551615 94806579695616 0

$ cat /proc/26474/stat
26474 (tmux: server) S 1 26474 26474 0 -1 4194368 380310 2899732 0 0 614 400 3142 2106 20 0 1 0 4374589 19836928 1045 18446744073709551615 945867047400
--- End code ---

I think the problem is fp parses the files with space as delimiter while "(tmux: server)" has space inside it.

Recorded screen:

Please help me find the file need to edit to correct the issue.


fpc/rtl/linux/linuxvcs.pp   detect_linuxvcs;

You can also try to start with

"fp -S", though I don't know if that still works (it is a decade ago that I last used that)


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