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[solved] FPGui Winhandle


Hi there,

I'm using pure FP with FPGui (no Lazarus) with windows (at the moment).
I want to get the window Handle of the Mainform within my application, but whatever I do, I get 0.

I tried even include windows.pas to use Findwindow to find the own Window, but even then I can only get 0.
Does anyone knows how to get the Mainform Windowshandle.

Furthermore I want to create a window with CreateWindow within this application (therefore I need the handle) because I want to use an extended control.

Greetings relocate


everything is fine now.
I've tested it with the Windows Messagebox. The first time I've tried it, the window hasn't been created, although I thought it has been.
And the second time, the window allready has been destroyed, although I thought it hasn't.
I now called another procedure during the running program and it showed me the widget windowhandle I'd expected. And even createwindow works fine now.
I use it, until I probably made up a own widget for fpgui.

Greetings relocate


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