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A FPC/Lazarus project I am making open source
« on: February 11, 2018, 08:34:07 am »
Hello everyone,

  As some of you might know there isn't a large amount of simple easy to understand open source Object Pascal programs out in the wild, and if you tend to learn best by looking at how other code is built and runs, the pickings are slim.

  While I don't consider myself an expert in Object Pascal, this project I open sourced might be of use to some out there needing to learn some of the basics.  This project includes working examples of TreeView, and how to dynamically update the tree and use the TTreeNode.Data pointer.  It uses TStringList, TStreams, a few of the most basic GUI widgets, records, units without forms, pointers, among other interesting features.  It also shows the use of leakview using heaptrc, and I confirmed throughout development that my project here doesn't have any known leaks, despite my heavy use of pointers.  8-)

  The project is also a multi-window program, and shows how to use ShowModal, and how to open new windows and pass data around between them.

  It's far from perfect or best practice, and most likely not very optimized...  I will be using this project for both personal use, and of course anybody else who might find it's features useful can use the program as well.  When I adapt it to build on Windows and MacOS, I will be using the DirectorySeparator constant available, but for the moment it's lacking that.  I should also note that I built this in the course of a single evening, so it's a nice example of what one can do in Object Pascal with about 4-5 hours of free time.

Project link:

  The project uses a custom file format rather than using a database backend, so it can also show how to read and write binary files as well.

Hopefully beginners starting out with Object Pascal find this project full of useful examples.


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