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>This compiles it: [...]

Fails with a missing LAZ_XMLCFG... After I added codetools to the paths, it fails on codecompletiontools.pas line 1142 with an "invalid effective address" error in an asm statement... (latest CVS).

Just to know, what are people really using to compile Lazarus?

>For anybody who's interested in grabbing a copy of pre-compiled Win32 [...]

Blessed be the Mo Jaal! Downloading right now...  :)
Some glaring issues (don't right-click in the text editor or...), several esthetical glitches (GTK's ?), but I could compile some very basic app (declaring events in the form editor doesn't work though). :)


--- Quote ---Does it need GTK+ DLLs in order to run Lazarus under Win32?
--- End quote ---

No, Lazarus doesn't need gtk dlls to run under win32. The win32 version of lazarus uses native win32 controls.

--- Quote ---What is the best place to download them?
--- End quote ---

No need for extra downloads.


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