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So, where it is? What's with the windows version? Where are binaries? :shock:

Finally I've compiled (using fp compiler version 1.0.10) windows version of lazarus from sources, but there where some problems:
1: compiling under windows me (probably win98/95 too) is very hard because of the windres program which doesn't work properly under this system. I've changed my system to WinXP.
2: used function GetEnv in cannot be found. It seems like it has been changed to GetEnvironmentVariable. I've changed GetEnv to GetEnvironmentVariable in

Ähm...could you publish that binaries anywhere?



Yes, some Windows binaries would be really cool.

Windows binaries will happen eventually. but it is silly to make special binaries for a cvs version when its not even finished/fullly useable, wait for the  release or build it yourself.

And if you cannot compile it yourself as is you surely won't be able to make use of it since you are going to have the same issues with any programs you try and build using it.  :wink:

I built it without any issues myself just to test and I had to do nothing special whatsoever, no extra utilities, no code change, just install the full fpc 1.0.10, set the win32 environment path properly, grab lazarus cvs, and make. hey presto.   :?


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