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How do I can obtain information about each VCL control of Lazarus?

I mean, when I include a control in a form how can I see documentation about properties of this control?

Do I must consult a delphi manual? If the answer is yes, what release of delphi? There is a question in this forum where the answer is that Lazarus is similar to Delphi 5. Is this true yet?

I´m beggining to use Lazarus and there is a lot of doubts....
(Why the focus do not change when a press Alt key in a form, and so on...)

The existing documentation is verry poor and mostly based on comments, you can download it from this page, i suggest you get some Delphi documentation i like "Mastering Delphi 6" by Marco Cantu.
Some features don't work YET but since Lazarus and FPC are Open Source we should all contribute something and make the dream of "having an Open Delphi" come true.
If Lazarus got to this stage this should be verry soon.


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