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Pas2JS missing language features ?

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Pas2js is still missing some of the more "modern" language features.
Currently we're at Delphi 7 compatibility (more or less), minus interfaces.

We'd like to know what language features we should work on first, according to the users.
You can vote 3 times, so we can have an idea of 'ranking' of the features.

Please vote, tell us what you think!


There's no place for democracy in software develpment  ;D


--- Quote from: MvC on January 16, 2018, 05:15:09 pm ---Please vote, tell us what you think!

--- End quote ---

For me anonymus functions would be preffer - then i will be ready to translate to pas2js my ui/autolayout/bindings&ect  framework!
Wait for implementation very mach!
And thanks to you for very important work, which SmartMobile team didn't do:( - they took the wrong way...

Well, to be more Delphi 7 compatible we need Interfaces for sure.

Interfaces, type helpers, whatever, anything....
What lacks are two features, one of which I deem important:that is anonymous methods.
But that would be for FPC itself to have first.
After I saw an actual demonstration of what can be achieved with pas2js I have been playing with it all day.

Note that it may be of interest to explain why certain language features are not possible in pas2js.


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