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VirtualU update changes
« on: December 23, 2017, 09:07:36 am »

                                                                          December 21, 2017
    Right after the previous update on Dec. 19 we went back to work on the Freehand Touchscreen object movement section so as to improve it. This section in the current download version of VirtualU is now reliable and finger dragging is smooth and problem free.
    In the previous version, all finger drags would start out with a jump which could only be muted by dragging the object quickly or by starting the drag outside of the capture area. This idiosyncrasy has been fixed and finger or sylus drags in the current download version are now perfect from start to finish.
    It remains true that every finger drag must be preceded by a left mouse down click but the silver lining here is that this left mouse click also allows the user to choose the location (handle) on the object from which to drag the object. It's very important for the user to have this choice on occasions when the object is very large and the user has to choose a particular place on the object in order to drag it to some desired location in or out of the capture area.
    In case you're interested, an object (picture, video, text) moves around the capture during a project playback or recording by means of a text file made during an object movement recording. The reason that a Freehand Touchscreen finger drag formerly jumped at the start of the drag was because in the file list of XY pixel coordinates there was a gap between the unlisted coordinates at the start of the drag and the coordinates at the point where the text recording begins.
    In other words, finger drag recordings lagged behind or were delayed somehow. If you experiment a bit by doing both a mouse and finger drag then you'll see the differences between them.
    I decided to try and put in a cheap, cowardly but fast fix by thinking outside the box. Since I didn't know what the cause of the problem was and thus didn't have a coding solution, I decided to just pad the gap at the beginning of the faulty file with the missing XY numbers. The code does get some preliminary information from the first few lines of the original faulty recording. This info includes the movement direction, if any, of X and Y as well as the amount of average increase or decrease.
    Finger drags now appear to be completely satisfactory, with no jumps and lurches at the start of finger drags.
    It was like fixing an orange with an apple.
    All very satisfying 'ectually.

    As always when using Touchscreen, keep your monitor screen and finger clean 'cause you don't know where that finger's been, hah, hah. Happy holidays to Lazarus.

    On a different subject, in the previous version a bug in the Automatic object movement feature caused recorded rightward and downward movements from a greater negative number to a lesser negative number to incorrectly move at the project duration instead of automatically resetting the duration to the appropriate setting.
This bug has been fixed and now the program does what you tell it to do.

Download virtualu.exe which is stored in the zipped folder temp15 download link:


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