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Big new VirtualU update
« on: December 19, 2017, 07:38:33 pm »

                                                                     December 19, 2017
    We're excited to mention an update of the Lazarus movie-making editing program VirtualU. What was intended to be a minor update which we weren't even going to publish turned into an almost completely new program update with a bunch of new stuff.
    The current download has all of these new features:
    1. A bug that caused the End Quick Play button to not reappear correctly was fixed.
    2. Fixed a bug that caused unneeded conversion file copies to be made.
    3. Fixed some other minor bugs related to particular, unusual sequences of events.
    4. Touchscreen has been added to the Freehand Recording Screen so now the user can drag objects around the capture area
with a mouse or with his or her finger. Using Touchscreen instead of the mouse results in much smoother movements. This feature should work on all Windows Touchscreen devices from XP on up (if XP can use Touchscreen technology, which appears to be true) but it has only been actually tested on Windows 10.
    5. A diagonal object movement page is now included in the download version and provides movement at any angle from any place to any place.
    6. An automatic object movement page is now included in the download version. This page provides a wide range of controls
and options to precisely move objects horizontally and vertically.
    7. Instead of having only one object in any given project being capable of exiting the capture area during recordings,
the user can now use the free download version to move up to seven objects in any given project. If the user wants more than seven objects moving in a single project then all he or she has to do would be to make a movie with those seven moving objects, delete the current objects, import the movie just made and then add up to seven more object movements. For example:
    picture1.bmp - Use Zoom to move the picture into the capture area from the right and stop in the center.
    video1.mpg - Use Zoom to move the video into the capture area from the left and stop just inside the capture area.
    StaticText1 - Use Zoom to move the text into the capture area from the bottom and stop just inside the capture area.
    picture2.jpg - Use Zoom to move the picture into the capture area from the top and stop just inside the capture area.
    video2.avi - Use the Freehand Object Movement screen to weave the video around in the captue area.
    StaticText2 - Use the Automatic Object Movement panel to have the text enter from the left, pause and exit to the right.
    picture3.png - Use the Diagonal Object Movement screen to have the picture pass at an angle into and out of the capture area.
    The effect of having layered pictures, videos and text in the movies made by VirtualU simulates 3D movies quite nicely.
    We felt that we were being a bit stingy with the few object movement options available in the free download version of VirtualU and we wanted to showcase some features which up to now have lain inert inside the code so the program now provides much more object movement options.
    The touchscreen feature in VirtualU is unique in that a left mouse click on an object (pix, video, text) is required before the object can be finger (or stylus) dragged. It was made this way so that this feature would most likely work on all Touchscreen devices using Windows XP and above. The programming was thus hampered by the fact that the Windows API message WM_TOUCH is only available on Windows 7 and above so alternative strategies were needed.
    What this all boils down to is that problems were caused by the fact that the touchscreen feature in VirtualU can't recognize and process a touch in either a TImage mousedown procedure or in the Windows Callback function though it can recognize a finger drag or a finger up in both the procedure and the callback.
    The touchscreen feature sends all touches and gestures to the mouse instead of being processed separately and those signals do not include a finger down message.

    We also finally realized that the most recent Youtube video made by VirtualU has such poor text is because the uploaded video didn't proportionally match one of Youtube's format sizes. Duh. Youtube went and changed their broadcast size from 320x240 to a larger size and that caught us off guard. Of course larger sizes mean longer recording times but a great thing about VirtualU is that in many cases U can use VirtualU to record a small sized movie and then use a different VirtualU feature to enlarge that video to Youtube's broadcast size or larger. If the proportions of the small video match the larger video then the small video can be enlarged with good results in quality. The VirtualU Aspect Ratio/Proportion calculator quickly and accurately tells the user what size dimensions to use for the small video.
    You should see the new Freehand, Automatic and Diagonal Object Movement features do their thing. They are something strange to see.
    We still sometimes find bugs in the program though they are becoming rare and dependent upon unlikely sequences of peculiar user operations. It's simple and fun to use though it can do much, sometimes more than meets first impressions.
    It's becoming a cliche or slogan that VirtualU has provides lots of workaround solutions and multiple options at each step of the way.
    It's pretty accurate, too. Some parts are accurate within a few 10,000 ths of a second and if directed to never lose or add a frame to a video then the program will do that.
    VirtualU announces up front that all the third party programs used externally are available to the user, making players of all the programs and programmers involved and distributing their programs to a wider public.
    No programmer wants his or her program to be obscure, unknown and unused.
    It's also a good tech plan to package VirtualU with certain external programs in certain ways in order to achieve certain goals. After all, VirtualU is a substantial program in its own right which took six years to make but to write a program that does everything that VirtualU and the external programs do would take 20 years to finish and then it would be obsolete. It's good to have your name on a finished and capable program.
    The current download version is the prototype of VirtualU which means that it's a reasonably well functioning program that may contain rarely encountered idiosyncrasies that are not yet discovered.
    No known bugs currently exist.
    Best wishes, all praise and Merry Christmas to Lazarus.

Download virtualu.exe which is stored in the zipped folder temp15 download link:

Download an MPG movie that shows what VirtualU does download link:



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