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I'm looking for someone with knowledge of waterflow in pipes to write some
educational modelling software - preferably with FPC/laz

You will need to demonstrate an existing knowledge of electrical generation using
hydro technology and experience in the math involved (calculation of heads , pipe sizes,
pumps, flowrates,  etc)

Some simple graphics for the design to demonstrate and manipulate
the results of various changes to a system  will be needed.
(Maybe not real world construction quality but very good rule of thumb)

More info at a later stage but for now I can offer a bounty towards the top end of those
offered here for a project that does the job but may not be "marketable quality" 
for full source well documented.
(I want to see what you can do before going too far - this is a complex subject - if
you don't already have knowledge you will  be unlikely  to just "catch up")

If things go well we could work on a more fully developed project and discuss
marketing etc. at a later date. NDA's and non-competes will apply.

Jan 11 2018
Project now assigned however feel free to contact me at any time for similar work
if you have the requisite background.
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