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El Salvador

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Re: LazProfiler (beta)
« Reply #75 on: December 30, 2020, 05:00:10 pm »
Will LazProfiler be available with Lazarus 2.0.10 (FPC 3.2.0)?
It is broken. I comment all writeln to avoid error message in opening project, but TPascalScanner will raise 'No support for resources of type "%s"' (.lfm or .res).


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Re: LazProfiler (beta)
« Reply #76 on: December 30, 2020, 05:40:58 pm »
You need to add po_IgnoreUnknownResource to the scanner's Options property.

El Salvador

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Re: LazProfiler (beta)
« Reply #77 on: December 30, 2020, 05:54:03 pm »
So, I need use FPC Trunk version, right? Thanks.


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Re: LazProfiler (beta)
« Reply #78 on: May 06, 2021, 02:45:49 am »
PR here.

Works on trunk laz&fpc fine.


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Re: LazProfiler (beta)
« Reply #79 on: October 04, 2021, 08:12:28 am »
I came here from the FreePascal wiki LazProfiler page and I am being warned by the forum to not comment since there has been no post for 120 days...
But this is clearly the support page for LazProfiler, right?

So I would like to get some usage help:

1- Does this work on Lazarus 2.0.12 and FPC 3.2.0 in ARM Linux (Raspberry Pi)?
I see requirements like these:
FPC trunk (needs generics and additional PascalParser funktionality) or fixes_3_2
Lazarus trunk (revision 60719 and above) or fixes_2_0
But I am using tagged releases 2.0.12 and 3.2.0, will that not work?
Lazarus Help/About states revision 64944

2- Does LazProfiler work for a command line program (no GUI parts) running as a systemd service?

3- I need the profiler in order to find why my application when running idle still eats 10% CPU on Linux.
Can this be done? There is no memory usage problem just the fact that it sits at 10% CPU while just waiting.

The application is running a TCP service so a user can connect to it using  a custom application in order to configure its operations and download data. It is meant to be used as a systemd service but can be started manually on the command line as well.
The application is itself a scheduler for measurement operations configured to start at certain times and run with certain job data used by an attached instrument (by RS232).
When it is waiting for a client connection or the time to start a measurement operation it should idle at close to 0% CPU usage but in fact it uses 10% as shown by the top command.
I need to find where this happens....

The application was ported from Delphi 2007 into FPC using Lazarus.
Bo Berglund


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