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If possible I will try and produce a patch for the custom-drawn control. At the moment I can't see if the necessary property to control the drawing is available inside the Drawer routines - it SHOULD be. Some testing will be necessary.
This is complicated by the fact that the control has a Properties property, which contains the relevant information, but this is commented out in the source! I assume this is because some of the items are not implemented, and this avoids lots of compile-time errors.

I have had a good look at the CustomDraw units, and there seem to be two ways to proceed, either to fully implement the Properties property, or to patch in a simple property to hold the GridLines state.
It would be nice to have some feedback on which route would be the preferred method, especially as either will require a similar patch to the ControlStateEx property, so that the GridLines state can be passed to the CustomDrawer, which is decoupled from the component.


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