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Fork of Anders Melander's "Drag and Drop Suite 5.2" (WIN only!)

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for a project of mine, i needed Drag&Drop inside my Software and also to and from external Windows (i.e. Explorer, Outlook...)

I didn't get that ยง$"%!& working on my own, but i found Melanders GREAT! Drag&Drop Suite.

Porting the Lib did the trick for me... there are 20 Components for doing the Drag&Drop in Melanders lib.
I got in contact with him and he allowed to publish the Lazarus fork.

Download the zip and extract it to your own components directory.
Open "DragDropLazarus.lpk" in subfolder "Source". Compile and Install it.
A new Section "DragDrop" will apear in Comonent List with 20 new Componnents.

The "DropContextMenue" Component will not work (untestet..), because there is no onOwnerDraw Event for TMenuItem in Lazarus.... (can't fix it, maybe one of you can..)

Tested DropSource and DropTarget, TVirtualFileStreamData, TFileDataFormat and it's working great!

Download Drag&Drop Suite Fork for Lazarus 
Package is now part of Lazarus OPM (OnlinePackageManager). Download and install it with OPM or only download Package with above Link.
DragDrop Suite was fixed for 64Bit Version of Lazarus by GetMem and tested by many others!  Thanks...

Have fun, Michael

see also:,38362.0.html

Hi six1,

Thanks for converting the component to Lazarus. If you agree, I would like to add it to OPM(, but first we need to do a few modifications:
1. Fill in the missing info from package description. I did this step for you, please take a look at the attached screenshot. Is the information correct?
2. You should provide a few working examples. I did convert a 2-3 project from the Demos folder, but they are not working(maybe I'm doing something wrong)


Hi GetMem,
i will do the updates and correct the Delphi Samples for Lazarus.

best, Michael

i've translated a few Samples for Lazarus and also build a "mixed Sample"

Download for new version is  above Link.

Have fun, Michael


--- Quote ---Hi,
i've translated a few Samples for Lazarus and also build a "mixed Sample"
Download for new version is above Link.

--- End quote ---
Thank you Michael, I added the component to OPM.


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