Author Topic: XMPP options for free pascal/ lazarus  (Read 1941 times)


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XMPP options for free pascal/ lazarus
« on: August 25, 2017, 06:23:08 pm »
Hello! This is my first here. I am basically new to pascal but not to prgramming itself. First of all I am impressed with how simple free pascal and lazarus is. Ive been using codetyphon mostly since the singel winfdow mode worked better for my interface (ubuntu 16.04 i3wm).

I am trying to develop a chatting applications based on xmpp/jabber and after looking a lot everything avaiable seems to be outdated. I saw uxmpp on github and its been like 6 years without updates. Isn't anyone doing anything with xmpp out there? I plan to have a cross platform application and xmpp is what im most used to. I've used xmppy for python mostly, but I'm not sure if i could use P4P (python for pascal pacage) and then it would compile for linux (Deb), windows and android, which are the platforms im most interested on. Maybe it is just that xmpp isn't the best option for this, but would be still the one im most confortable with.

I would like to hear from you guys if is there some package for lazarus that implements xmpp (just client), or anything else to help me on this. Thanks!


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Re: XMPP options for free pascal/ lazarus
« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2017, 03:53:26 am »

I looked at the xmpp from github.  It compiles with FPC and there are few minor issues you can over come after the learning curve.  Greatest problems are experience in SSL and depending on the OS you are using.  Otherwise the code works. 


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