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I want to make a application with Lazarus under Win32, which is using ZLib compression. Everything is fine - the project compiles, but on run display error that z.dll (?!) can't be found.
I submit that error as a bug, but the developers told that the problem come from my instalation of windows(?!).
But Delphi works perfect in that conditions.

Can someone tell me what I must do, so I to be able to run the application.

Thank you.

Vincent Snijders:
Can you give a link to the Delphi program? Does it use an external library for the compression?


--- Quote from: "Vincent" ---Can you give a link to the Delphi program? Does it use an external library for the compression?
--- End quote ---

Nop. But I can write and send you one if you want, and it will work without any dll requtements...
And can you give me a link to z.dll ot download it, ot some lazarus app that work with ZLib ?

Thank you.
Best regards,

Vincent Snijders:
please mail me at <email address removed>

I have some cygwin components installed and one of the files if cygz.dll. If you rename that to z.dll, it can be used as implementation of the compression. The zlib unit that comes with fpc, doesn't contain any implementation of the compression.

But the paszlib package does. You can find sources at packages\base\paszlib.


Vincent Snijders:
I don't have Delphi, so I don't know what Dephi's zlib unit contains.

Looking at the source you sent me, the solution whould be to use the zstream unit, included with fpc FCL.

In fpc the zlib unit is simply a wrapper for the functionality in z compression library, which is comonly available on unix system as

Fpc also has a paszlib unit (source in packages\base\paszlib) which is a pascal implementation of the z-compression functions, so this unit does not depend on external libraries. The zstream unit (containing among others TCompressionStream) uses this unit.


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