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There is a lot of interest in Lazarus these days after Kylix

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There is a lot of interest in Lazarus it seems after Borland abandoning Kylix undefinitely. Check out the Borland Newsgroups and this:

Now, we just need some major features into Freepascal/Lazarus to be able to do multi-tier db applications, Apache dso modules, data aware components, etc.

test reply. can't seem to post from mozilla.

ah, now it works. I'm hoping kylix is not dead. Maybe if enough interest is shown? Who knows.

Unfortunately, Borland officially said at BorCon that they are not planning to update Kylix until at least 2005 if ever. They say that they provide an alternative in C++BuilderX. The only problem is that C++BuilderX is C++ and not Delphi.

And since all Kylix versions have tons of unfixed bugs despite of the bug reports to Borland, it is a pain sometimes to develop in Kylix because a lot of time is spent circumventing and fixing the problems. Nobody understands why Borland did not release any official bug fix updates to any of the Kylix versions.

I would guess they made very little money on kylix and decided to change their focus. Very dissappointing.


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