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Barcode App on Symbol (now Motorolla) WinCE based handhelds

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Hello Arnold,

I have interrest of try Your unit for scaning. If is possible send it to me to my email -

Now I work on basic skeleton of WinCE application without KOL & MCK. This is my first project based on WinCE API and is difficult for me. I try FP&Lazarus&KOL&MCK on my earlier project for Opticon H19A scanner with Windows Mobile 6 - all working without problems like Delphi 7 on PC (barcode scanner works as keyboard) - now on MC1000 with CE 4.2 core nice world has been finished. The main problem of using KOL is aygshell.dll (SHCreateMenuBar) - in windows unit (, this is every time in dependences even the project has no menu bar component. So application without KOL is evident way - but difficult.


Sorry Arnold, mistake in my email - correct is


I have some problem.
Can I have the Example?

Hi Arnold

Could you please email the interface you used for Symbol barcodes to
membership at fjfresh dot com



Vincent Snijders:
Looking forward to the wiki article and the source zip. :-)


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