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Barcode App on Symbol (now Motorolla) WinCE based handhelds

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Hi! After a lot of R&D and testing, I have made a simple application  running on Windows CE 4.2 based Symbol Technologies MC9000c devices using FPC/Lazarus for doing barcode scanning.
My main problem was interfacing with the barcode scanning hardware - and I got it working today - using a unit interfacing to the Symbol scanning API.
My primary use for this will be in a proprietary warehouse management system - but there are many other possibilities.
I'd just like to thank EVERYONE involved with FPC / Lazarus for their efforts on making available a cross-platform development system!
I don't have my own web space (yet) - so I can't post the interface. The WMS application will have to remain proprietary, but anyone interested in the barcode scanning interface unit, give me a shout!  Currently, it is quick & dirty, but at least it works.


You are welcome,

You could add it as a component here:

We offer hosting space for Lazarus components on the Lazarus-CCR (provided they are open source). Just e-mail Vincent sending the code and he will add it.

Also, please create a Wiki page documenting the unit. Among the relevant information is: Download link and License. You can just use the pages about other components as models. If you´ve never edited a Wiki before, there are plenty of tutorials and we also offer a sand box to practice.


Thanks - I'll first sort out the code a bit & convert it into a more practical open source & practical unit, then send on to Vincent, as well as make the Wiki - Have had no experience with this, so will go and try to build a couple of sand castles first ;-)

I got it to work, but mostly through trial & error, so I have to establish exactly what is what - all kinds of issues like Unicode character buffers etc.



Hello Arnold,

what is the actual status of the library for Symbol barcode scanner hardware. Now I am starting work with MC1000 with CE4.2 core and I'd like to join to this project - is possible?

Hi Zdenek (jabu)

Hi Jabu - I can send you the units/libraries for scanning, but not sure if they will work for the MC1000.  I'll email them asap - don't have them with me right now.  Unfortunately the rest of the project I am working on is closed-source.


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