Author Topic: How to monitor directory / file changes on network share (Windows 2012 and up)  (Read 6424 times)


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Is there a way to get notified of changes to directories on a network share
respectively what is the best way to do so? Can be Windows only.
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You can write a small windows service that broadcasts any change. For the change itself there is something in the jcl I believe. Otherwise I have KOL code that can be translated back.
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Some of those solutions seem to use a polling loop instead of the Windows API for filesystem notifications.

The DirWatch project seemed to be the easiest to understand.


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find an exampl eof FIndFIrstChangeNotification inside a

 when the thread receives notice of change, you can then
post a user message to a different thread window, like the
main window for example. from there the message can be
handled like any other message handler in the form..

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