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Resources for learning FV?

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I would like to learn the FV framework and since it seems to be compatible with the old Turbovision, is it enough to work through the guide for TP 7.0?

Freely available here.

Does anyone know of any other resources for learning FV?

I've already successfully compiled the demo "testapp.pas" in the examples folder.


The TP manual is the core one yes.

I have another TV book by "Chris Zandvoort". It is Dutch though.

There is also documentation (and code) for the open sourced C++ version of TV. IIRC the BSD licensed variant by Sergio Sigala had some docs (though they were more source code docs iirc)

I don't know C++ and have no intention of learning it.  :D  However, that site has many useful links and resources, and also for the Pascal version, so thanks for the link!


Besides the Turbo Vision Borland manuals, I find the book "Programming with Turbo Vision," by Blake Watson very helpful. And my old favorite "Mastering Turbo Pascal 6," by Tom Swan is also good. All the book examples, plus the well documented FV source code also helped me. I'm certainly no expert, however.


--- Quote from: mercurhyo on March 18, 2019, 10:31:36 pm ---now you got 640 pages of amazing guidelines (and more) to FreeVision  :D
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He has had that since almost two years ago. You posted the same link the OP linked to in the first post in June 2017. :)


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