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Hi, I couldn't make pandroid project to run in ubuntu, has anyone make it work?

Android help in Lazarus site about Android and Iphone OS development is obsolete.

Another question, where can I find a .sh program or assistance to create .apk files?

Tools -> Pandroid

Send apk (ComboBox) 0 and button Save ini file

Run -> Build

apk create to directorju project

if not work GetLazarus to Ubuntu 64 bit then:

#: dpkg --add-architecture i386
#: apt-get install libgtk2.0-dev:i386 gdb:i386


I did not understand the GetLazarus part...

Can your modifications work on CodeTyphon?


New CodeTyphon not compile jvm-android

after updating to i386 libraries and gdb, results that gdb does not work (maybe because 64 bits problem to debug 32 bits), so I needed to change it on options by /usr/bin/gdbtui, now it debugs...

How can I get GetLazarus?  this was not clear for me.


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