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Change the font size of the menus in Lazarus

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The text in the menus is displayed too small, they have a height of about 5 pixels. So even with a resolution of 640x480 reading the menus is very difficult. :shock:  I did not found an option to increase the size.
If I add a label or button to a form, the default font size (font.size and font.height) is set to zero and the text on the button is displayed as small as the text of the Lazarus menus. The settings seem to be read-only so I can't increase the font.
Only at a StaticText I can change the size -> font.size := 9 looks well.
I'm using Debian, FPC 1.9, gtk+ 1.2, Lazarus 040529 and KDE 3.2.

Could anyone tell me how to set a default size for the fonts?

Thank you in advanced and please excuse my bad english.:wink:

I don't know about Debian, but in RedHat 9 and Windows it's just the right size, this could be a Debian related problem. Try modifying the IDE sources and set the size manually, then recompile the IDE.

It should use the system default size. I only see these problems if my default font doesn't support my current language

That could be a problem, some fonts are smaller than others.

The Developer:
You have to install the trandocoded fonts, restart X11 and select the Terminal font for the Code Editor


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