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LazToAPK on windows 10

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Someone installed this lately? Are the links up to date? Because it doesn't install correctly, something doesn't download, maybe GRADLE ...

I tried it too and got some problems with downloads.
What I did.
1) rename "downloads"-folder itn laztoapk to fe "test"
2) Normaly, while installing laztoapk next zips are donwloaded, but some of them aren't.
So search for them on the internet, download the zips to "test" and rename them to the name required from laztoapk. namely

* laz4android.7z
* apache-ant.zip3) Uninstall laztoapk
4) rename "test" to "downloads"
5) Run setup laztoapk again.  You'll see that no downloads are no more done, the zip-files are already available in the downloads-folder


could you please try the new setup v0.9.0.42.

As Handoko mentioned I had to change some links in the setup script from http to https. (located in file

Please let me know it worked, so I can delete setup with version 41 from download page.

Note: I did not do any changes to laztoapk executable ( even the version no of the executable was not updated, so it might still show 41 in the caption).
I only did changes to the setup-script for the https stuff.

And I am always glad if some one constributes some input.

e.g. If someone successfully ran a configuration, please let me know so I can update this wiki


I tried installing laztoapk and for as far the installation, all runs well BUT,
When I try opening the application, I always sees in the log that SDk build tool and NDK is not found.
Using path-button I see that when I enter the path to the SDK-package and hit 'Find' the application returns 2 possible paths. 
In the listbox, you then have to click on the found paths ...  Doing so still returns the error that SDK build tools can't been found.
I have the same problem with NDK.  ADV-button returns exactly the same problem as for the SDK-Build tools.
I followed all the defaults presented by Laztoapk while installing it.

What did I wrong ?



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