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LazToAPK on windows 10

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Someone installed laztoapk on Windows 10 ?

I could not get it running

it can not find android ndk, android sdk and even java JDK.

i have changed the paths with no sucess


If I remember correctly, when installing laztoapk, you will be asked to down load ndk, sdk and jdk. Did you skip them?

Oh, I was wrong. That is laz4android. If you're a beginner try laz4android, it is easier. Or try LAMW.

To make LazToApk works, you have to follow the instruction "Lazarus and Android.pdf":

To learn more about Lazarus Android programming:,33487.msg217112.html#msg217112

Ok i could make it run on Windows 10 following the Lazarus and Android.pdf

It Builds the Project, create the Keys, builds the APK and install on device

But when i try to run the app on device it pops the message "Application has stopped"

My Device: Samsung Galaxy S5
Android: 6.0.1
NDK-Plataform: 4.1.2 (API 16)
SDK Build-tool: 26.0.0


LazToApk and Laz4Android have issue with Android 5 and above. It has been discussed here, you can try to search the threads if you want to know more. If I remember correctly the problem was the CustomDrawn package (which used by LazToApk and Laz4Android) has compatibility issue with Android.

You can try LAMW, it is actively developed and the developer is very nice and helpful.


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