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TFPHttpClient with SSL client side certificate

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You need to use unit OpenSSLSockets as well. The unit SSLSockets only provides the general SSL support independent of the SSL provider (OpenSSL, GNU SSL, etc.).

cool, I changed   
    AHandler := TSSLSocketHandler.Create;
that's why
    AHandler :=TOpenSSLSocketHandler.create; 

now it's giving other errors, but I think it involves the webservice, thanks for now, I'll be back here to post the complete example working as soon as I can. thanks

thank you very much guys, it worked here, I had to make only one adjustment to work according to my need, this is in the image attached the two changes, one is the certificate that needed to be a ".crt" and the other was not to set the type.

tnks... worked great... I used the changes o make a correction on LazAutoUpdate


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