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Compiling Application for Windows CE 7 on a Motorola PDT


I am using Lazarus 1.6 32Bit  and lazarus-1.6.4-fpc-3.0.2-cross-arm-wince-win32. (on Windows 7  Pro 64 Bit)
Tying to run a simple app on a Motorola MC3200 PDT with Windows CE7 ( it has an ARM OMAP4 Cortex A9 processor).   Getting EAccessViolation $00012708.

I have previously compiled and run a complex app on a Motorola MC3100 with Windows CE 6. No Problem.

Set the following:
Compiler Options -> Target OS -> WinCE
Compiler Options -> Target CPU family -> arm
Compiler Options -> Additions and Overrides -> Set "LCLWidgetType" -> Value "wince"
Tried the options of using different versions of aygshell.dll , including th dummy one.
Spent a lot of time on this already but no joy.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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