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What's the oldest target the wince compiler supports?


I have a Windows CE .net 4.1 arm box, which I'd like to use in a one-time project.

So far I installed Lazarus 1.6.4 and the fpc-3.0.2.i386-win32.cross.arm-wince.exe and while I could compile the Hello Example project the resulting .exe didn't run on the box.

While looking into the resulting .exe with the Dependancy Walker I found a hint that the targeted OS is CE 2.0, so a newer version than my old box.

Any compiler options or alternative installation options I could try to target the ancient box?

Which error do you get? Did you try installing aygshell.dll? Read the wiki:

Is it wince 4.1 or .net 4.1? I just checked some code for (hp device, battery somewhat dead, works only on mains) wince 5.0 and that still works and is already very, very,very ancient....
If it is the latter:  FPC doesn't target .net at all.


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