Author Topic: Adding to Project Inspectors popup menu?  (Read 1566 times)


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Adding to Project Inspectors popup menu?
« on: June 02, 2017, 08:52:48 am »
I wrote a IDE extension to allow calling installer toolkits for all installer script files that are part of the project (*.iss, *.nsi, *.wxs currently).

This is currently triggered either by a new menu item in the Project menu, or automatically after building a file.

I would like to trigger specific installers only (if multiple files are part of the project). I could of course add a menu item with a submenu listing all installer files within the project, but I was thinking that adding to the popup menu for files in the Project Inspector might be a good place as well. And as a bonus, changing the icon of those installer script files.

So far I only found the object ProjInspector in unit ProjectInspector.pas. This is not part of any Intf package I could add as a requirement to mine.

I also thought I could use RegisterIDEMenuCommand here as well, but MenuIntf.pas does not include any object for that popup menu, and it looks like the menu is created dynamically on each popup, so it would not do to submit a patch to store a menu reference in MenuIntf.pas, but would need a fixed menu where only visibility is updated dynamically on each popup.

Any ideas?

(I'll go for the Project menu submenu for now, but simply find this question interesting for future improvements :) )


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