Author Topic: Linking error when compiling a minimal ncurses program with fp-ide on ubuntu  (Read 5301 times)


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I try to compile a very simple program using the ncurses library (uses ncrt)

My ide is fp-ide
My OS is Linux (Ubuntu)
I have ncurses installed and it is found in /usr/lib/fpc/3.3.0/units/x86_64-linux/ncurses.ppu

However, I am stuck with the lines
Using util /usr/bin/ld
Executing "/usr/binld.bfd" with command line "-b elf64-x86-64 -m elf64-x86-64 --dynamic-linker= /lib64/ -L. /home/hacking/test link.res"
test.pas(4,1) Error: Error while linking

All other programs just using crt compile just fine.


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May be there's a mistake in file "test.pas", line 4. ;D
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FPC 3.3.0 does not exist. (Frankly, may never exist since trunk imho warrants a major release (like 4.0), but at least it would be in the future)
And trunk is still 3.1.1.

How did you install and from where?

Does line 4 refer to a library? Which one? libncurses?
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Probably it can't find some library. Unfortunately your error output doesn't show it. Compiling on the commandline could make it easier.

As a precaution you could also make sure that you have ncurses and ncurses-dev(el) installed.


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