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How can I make Application or framework with lazarus to

IAAS, PAAS, SAAS application

currently i'm developing an rest api backend
its in very early strage - not even pre alfa - but evloving fast
you can check the code and keep a eye on it and start using it soon !

From the way you ask, I don't think you have adequate understanding of the topic itself. Get yourself some time to swallow them. I say forget I and P, as it's too low level and you will deal more with existing software configuration (virtualizers) and hardware rather than coding something new. S is just a term for web application in which you manage your customers data that they use for everyday operations. So, just make yourself familiar in developing web application in Pascal and you're good to go. This page holds existing resources to start. Note that many of them won't teach you from total ground up. HTTP, web server configuration, HTML, etc. are often assumed to be understood previously.


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