Author Topic: ./../ line 9: /usr/bin/ld: Argument list too long  (Read 8596 times)


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Re: ./../ line 9: /usr/bin/ld: Argument list too long
« Reply #15 on: June 01, 2017, 03:04:47 pm »
Ok. Perhaps I understand now.

Fpcupdeluxe installs a FPC/Laz combi without changing anything to the host-PC.
Meaning: no paths are set.
Meaning: FPC will not be found from the command line unless the full path is specified.

I think you encounter the same problem that prevent Mac specific packages (like for iPhone) to work:
fpcupdeluxe makes a local install.

For some (like me)very usefull, for others (like you I presume) causing problems.

My friend i appreciate a lot your work. I don't understand why you think im not. Im not telling is a fcpupdeluxe problem. Is clear is a fail because the total path called is too long for mac. Is not a package problem, is a problem with the AMOUNT of installed packages! I bet because the path need to build lazarus is TOO LONG for the command line because the amount of packages i have.

If i remove another package and install the last one failed to installed, it works! So, is clearly a problem with the amount of packages.

Now, that DONT HAPPENS TO ME on another OS, like i say, neither with another platforms, very different, like arm , intel 386 or and 64. The problem is on that platforms i DOMNT USING fpcupdeluxe so i can't say is a fpcupdeluxe problem (because the amount of packages i use) or is a OS X problem.

I hope is clear now, i love your job, and i don't have any interest on critic that work, at all.

Any other idea to tes? theres any place to see the path as is called at the OS?

Best regards.


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Re: ./../ line 9: /usr/bin/ld: Argument list too long
« Reply #16 on: June 01, 2017, 03:32:08 pm »
Don't worry : I did not have any negative emotions or whatever about your posts !
In fact, all remarks of users of fpcupdeluxe have helped it to get where it is now.
Again, don't worry, I am an old man ... ;-)

Will look further into your problem.


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