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MacOS X port?



as this is my first post here I would like to introduce myself quickly. I'm a long time MacOS (now MacOS X) user. I currently teach a couple of classes programming at a local school using Delphi.  This forced me to use VirtualPC (a PC emulator) at home. I always had some hope that Borland would someday port Kylix (the Linux port of Delphi) to MacOS X (which is UNIX based as you may know). This didn't happen (yet).

I recently read on the web that Borland will likely abandon the Kylix project, so there surely will be no OS X port either.

Imagine my excitement when I learned about Lazarus.

So my question is: are there any efforts under way to port Lazarus to the MacOS X platform?

Not only would this bring a fine RAD tool to the Mac, but it would also make it easier to port some fine programs that are developed on Delphi for Windows to the Mac.

Thanks for any information.


here is some info about the Mac Port of FreePascal, the underlying compiler

I read somewhere that  there is WIP on the LCL part for MacOS X, but  I cant find it right now.



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