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How to Lazarus Cross Compile Win32 to Linux ?

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Hi All,

The operating system I use is win7 64, lazarus version 1.6.4 win32
I want to cross-compile but I could not solve the problem at hand.

Compile package FCL 1.0.1: Exit code 1, Errors: 1
Fatal: Cannot find system used by fcllaz of package FCL.

Thank you for helping.

Have you tried to download 7z file from the location shown in the 1st screenshot and unpack to your libraries directory?

Thanks avra
Yes ; watched the video
Then I downloaded the file

Well, cross compilers in fpcupdeluxe and codetyphon work out of the box if you check their installation.

Thank you for the answer avra
I am investigating the subject.
I think it is necessary to work directly on the target platform for a smooth compilation.


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