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Android-aarch64 target not working?

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I'm trying to setup cross compiler for Android-aarch64 with fpcupdeluxe and a recent FPC trunk but it reports:

--- Code: ---fpcupdeluxe: info: Running Make all (FPC crosscompiler: aarch64-android) with CROSSOPT: -XPaarch64-linux-android- -Xd -FlC:\fpcupdeluxe\cross\lib\aarch64-android
Executing: C:\fpcupdeluxe\fpcbootstrap\make.exe "--jobs=4" "FPC=C:\fpcupdeluxe\fpc\bin\i386-win32\fpc.exe" "--directory=C:\fpcupdeluxe\fpcsrc" "INSTALL_PREFIX=C:\fpcupdeluxe\fpc" "CROSSBINDIR=C:\fpcupdeluxe\cross\bin\aarch64-android" "UPXPROG=echo" "COPYTREE=echo" "all" "CPU_SOURCE=i386" "OS_SOURCE=win32" "OS_TARGET=android" "CPU_TARGET=aarch64" "NOGDBMI=1" "BINUTILSPREFIX=aarch64-linux-android-" "CROSSOPT=-XPaarch64-linux-android- -Xd -FlC:\fpcupdeluxe\cross\lib\aarch64-android" "OPT=-vw-n-h-i-l-d-u-t-p-c-x- " (working dir: C:\fpcupdeluxe\fpcsrc)
Makefile:215: *** The Makefile doesn't support target aarch64-android, please run fpcmake first.  Stop.
fpcupdeluxe: ERROR: FPC: Running cross compiler fpc make all for aarch64-android failed with an error code.
fpcupdeluxe: ERROR: Error running BuildModuleCustom for module FPC
--- End code ---

Is this target not supported yet?

Nop. Not supported yet.
There have been some efforts in the past, that have to be re-activated up again.

Recently, there was a news about this topic.

Is there any plan for supporting 64-bit Android apps?

Best Regards,

AFAIK, no news. I tried to re-init some efforts by other people, but failed.
It would however be good to have 64bit for Android at this moment already !

From the website of Free Pascal news (May 29th,2015), the Linux/AArch64 platform was available in svn trunk. After more than 2 years, there's still no any further information about stable releases. And no any news about the android support yet. Did I miss something?


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