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I'm trying to create a metronome in Lazarus version 1.6.4 on Windows 10. I have encountered the problem that Lazarus does not provide an audio solution. I was wondering if anyone could help me in getting sound out of Lazarus.
Kind regards.

There's a nice component playsoundpackage in Lazarus CCR which plays a sound file in Windows and Linux.

Hello Noval.

There are many ways to play sound in Lazarus:

Pick one you feel convenient. If you get trouble, people here are nice to help.

I have so far tried the playsoundpackage, Audorra, ACS and Bass, but have failed installing them/ getting them to work. The playsoundpackage and ACS brought up errors whilst compiling.

Jurassic Pork:
another way to make a metronom with lazarus is the tonegrid project.

Friendly, J.P


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