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Does Lazarus have the ability to create modern user interfaces (for example: Modern UI from Microsoft, Material Design from Google)?
Like this (see attachments):

Not out of the box. The simplest way in creating user interface with Lazarus is using LCL, which then use one of its standard back-ends (called widgetsets), which actually means that control design and behaviour (look and feel) is delegated to standard library found on your system (which would be Win32/64 widgetset on Windows, that is Windows native components, and on Linux it would be either Gtk2 or Qt4).

What you can do is make your own controls instead of what LCL offers. You can also use BGRA controls. Or you can use fpGui instead of LCL -- there should be support for themes in fpGui, but you should ask Graeme for details, ask in fpgui support group -- see


--- Quote from: Zoran on April 13, 2017, 04:12:29 pm ---Or you can use fpGui instead of LCL

--- End quote ---
Or MSEide+MSEgui. It has excellent skinning support, see TWidget.Frame, TWidget.Face, TFrameComp, TFaceComp, TSkinController...

I use Electron and (any) html+css combination I can imagine / download. You can do the core in freepascal and -try to- link it (.dll / .exe) against the electron app with JavaScript.

Many thanks to everyone who wrote the answer!

I think lainz's answer suggested is the best option for me.


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